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March 07, 2007

3.11 - Enter 77

3.11 - Recap (S3 soundtrack - "Eko of the Past")

This is the music from the "Previously on Lost" recap. It is the same music from Eko's dream sequence in The Cost of Living.

3.11 - Sawyer's Theme

This plays at the very beginning of the episode when he talks to Hurley.

3.11 - Mikhail Bakunin

The introduction of Mikhail Bakunin when we first visit The Flame station as he discusses his history. Includes some reverb dialogue.

3.11 - Showdown at The Flame

The music that plays during Kate and Sayid's exploration of The Flame hatch, Locke's discovery in the chess game, Kate's fight with Klugh and the confrontation with Mikhail outside.