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April 11, 2007

3.16 - One of Us

3.16 - Juliet Arrives (S3 soundtrack - "Juliet is Lost")

Wonderful track that has the same island exploration theme as "Black Rock Trek" but this time much more grand, playing when Juliet first sees the island.

3.16 - Back to Camp (S3 soundtrack - "Beach Blanket Bonding")

The score that accompanies Jack and co.'s return to the beach camp along with Juliet.

3.16 - Claire Becomes Sick

This tense track plays when the implant in Claire activates making her sick.

3.16 - Juliet's Explanation

This tense track is heard during Juliet's talk with Jack and Kate about their pregnancy situation.

3.16 - Juliet at the Tree

This similar version of "Juliet's Discovery" plays when she goes to Ethan's old drop-off point for medicine.

3.16 - His Name Is Julian

A soft variation on the "Leaving Hydra Island" track which plays when Ben shows Juliet her sister and child.

3.16 - See You In A Week

Classic Lost music drifts into the climax of S2's "Bon Voyage, Traitor" as we see Juliet's true motives for joining the beach camp.


Vero said...

Juliet Arrives is a wonderful track. Thanks for making this blog,really awesome.

SilvaStorm said...

No problem, thanks!

lyly ford said...

thank for those musics it's awesome but back to the camp don't work :( could please do something ? thank in advance hopefully you'll post music for i do soon :)

SilvaStorm said...

Yup, I updated it! It didn't work for me either... :\
Thanks! :)

lyly ford said...

thank you ! if you want to look my blog you can ;) i've no music but i'm lost fan too :) kiss lyly