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May 24, 2006

2.23/24 - Live Together, Die Alone

Part 1

2.23 - Recap

Tense recap track that covers both Desmond and the hatch as well as the situation regarding Michael and Walt.

2.23 - Desmond Arrives (the S3 "Flashes" theme)

This awesome track plays when Desmond shows up in his boat at the start of the season 2 finale. It is used frequently in season 3 during recaps of his "flashes".

2.23 - The Battle Plan

This twisty track is played when Jack and co. discuss the Others and their plan before setting off.

2.23 - Locke Talks to Desmond

This is heard when Locke chats to Des about the Pearl and his plan to see what happens when the button isn't pushed.

2.23 - The Statue

The haunting melody that accompanies Sun, Jin and Sayid's discovery of the four-toed statue.

2.23 - Eko's Escape

The music playing when Eko escapes the Swan through the hatch shaft in order to warn Charlie.

Part 2

2.24 - Kelvin's Deceit

Desmond follows Kelvin outdoors to discover he has been deceived.

2.24 - Desmond Sees John

The score that plays during Desmond's despair in the hatch before seeing John which gives him hope.

2.24 - The Fail-safe

Climax of Desmond's theme when he turns the fail-safe key.

2.24 - The End...?

The end of season 2 with Claire and Charlie...or is it?

2.24 - I Think We Found It

The music that plays during the polar bunker scene which leads on to "The Fail-safe" in the final seconds of season 2.