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October 04, 2006

3.01 - A Tale of Two Cities

3.01 - The Crash (S3 soundtrack - "In With a KABOOM!")

The great musical number playing in the background during 815's crash and the pivotal moment when we finally see the Barracks.

3.01 - Kate's Dress

This is heard when Kate looks at herself in the mirror after putting on the dress she is given.

3.01 - Breakfast With Ben

This plays during Kate's talk with Ben over breakfast on the beach.

3.01 - Jack Follows Christian

This plays as Jack follows his dad to the AA meeting at the hotel.

3.01 - Jack's Escape Attempt

This suspensful track plays as Jack holds Juliet hostage and tries to open the Hydra door.

3.01 - Jack is Alone

This version of Jack's theme plays across his final flashback and talk with Juliet as he learns to "let go".


lyly ford said...

kate's dress music don't work

druid said...


Also, the others all lead to .html files, except the first one "The Crash"

SilvaStorm said...

lyly: Damn 2shareds been playing up.
Druid: They're supposed to, then you download the file.