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May 02, 2007

3.19 - The Brig

3.19 - Back to the Black Rock

The track that plays when Locke and Sawyer go into the old slaving ship.

3.19 - Locke's Journey

This is a twist on the early Locke theme as he goes off to take his father's body to Ben.


Shelby P said...

i absolutely love your blog, im the hugest fan of michael giacchino, especially his lost symphony. i was wondering if you would be able to put up the kind of kate/sawyer theme of season three (i know it occured during theirlittle cage sex scene haha), that really moved me. I also loved the reunion of jack,kate,sayid and juliet coming back to camp. Thanks if you can! :)

SilvaStorm said...

I will be adding them both here shortly, but you can already download them at the Lostpedia forum thread here. Thanks for stopping by! :]