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May 16, 2007

3.21 - Greatest Hits

3.21 - Desmond's Flashes

The suspensful music that plays during the "Previously on Lost" recap concerning Des's visions.

3.21 - Race to the Outrigger (S3 soundtrack - "Paddle Jumper")

Another fast-paced track that plays when Karl races to the canoe and sets off to warn the Losties.

3.21 - Jack's Plan (S3 soundtrack - "Paddle Jumper"/"She's Dynamite")

This is heard when Jack takes the Losties out to show them what he has in store for the Others.

3.21 - They Call It the Looking Glass (S3 soundtrack - "Charlie's Fate")

The track that plays when Juliet, Sayid and Jack discuss the situation regarding the signal and the radio tower.

3.21 - Here We Go Again

Everyone prepares for the events that lie ahead of them.

3.21 - Charlie's Greatest Hits (S3 soundtrack - "Greatest Hits")

Claire's score turns into Charlie's theme as we see his number 1 "greatest hit" and talk with Desmond on the outrigger.

3.21 - Charlie's Dive (S3 soundtrack - "Greatest Hits")

Charlie contemplates his fate before diving down to the Looking Glass station. An uplifting but tragic version of his theme.


Andreas said...

"Race to the Outrigger" fantastic! Thx!

SilvaStorm said...

Glad you like it, thanks for visiting the blog! :]

Faith said...

This is just wonderful! What about the music in the scene where Charlie is saying goodbye to Claire - beautiful cello part on that one, I would just love if you could post it.

SilvaStorm said...

I will try and get it for you! :) Thanks.