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September 29, 2004

1.02 - Pilot, Part 2

1.02 - Kate at the Beach

This soft track plays when Kate has a sexy bath at the beach.

1.02 - How High?

This piece of music, which sounds very similar to Nikki & Paulo's theme, plays when we see how high up they need to go to get a signal on the radio.

1.02 - Guys, Where Are We?

The eternal question asked by Charlie at the very end of the Pilot.

September 22, 2004

1.01 - Pilot, Part 1

1.01 - Setting Up Camp

This is when the survivors are getting settled into their new environment. Classic Lost music.

1.01 - The Pilot's Body

This plays when Kate and Charlie come across the pilot's body in the tree after being chased by the monster.