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January 01, 2010

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Updated: November 3rd, 2008

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The Lost Season 3 Soundtrack:

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May 29, 2008

4.13/14 - There's No Place Like Home, Pt. 2-3

Part 2

4.13 - Jack Finds John

This plays when Jack and Sawyer come across Locke and Hurley outside the Orchid.

4.13 - Battle at the Chopper

The Others ambush the freighter mercenaries and Keamy fights Sayid in this suspensful track.

4.13 - Walt Visits Hurley

Walt's theme plays as he visits Hugo in the mental hospital.

4.13 - Jack Talks to Locke

John and Jack discuss leaving the island before Ben arrives to take Locke into the Orchid.

4.13 - Faraday Returns

"Hollywood & Vines" is heard as Daniel returns on the raft to collect more survivors.

4.13 - Helicopter Reunion

Classic Lost score plays as Hurley and co. arrive at the chopper before it takes off.

4.13 - Faraday and Charlotte

This is heard when Charlotte tells Dan she's not leaving, and he goes to help the survivors.

4.13 - Chopper Fuel Leak

This tense track plays as the survivors try to get rid of as much weight as possible after discovering a leak.

Part 3

4.14 - Fate of the Freighter

The score that accompanies the entire sequence surrounding the freighter's demise.

4.14 - Welcome Home, John

Ben apologizes to Locke, and he leaves to fulfill his destiny as leader of the Others.

4.14 - The Frozen Donkey Wheel

An intriguing and emotional version of Ben's theme that is heard when he turns the Orchid's frozen wheel.

4.14 - It's Penny's Boat

The music that plays during Jack's discussion with the survivors and their discovery by Penelope's boat.

4.14 - Oceanic Six's Rescue

This rendition of the Oceanic Six theme plays as they leave Penny's boat and arrive on a Sumba beach.

4.14 - Jeremy Bentham's Coffin

The climactic music that is heard during the reveal of Locke's body in the coffin at the end of the episode.

May 15, 2008

4.12 - There's No Place Like Home, Pt. 1

4.12 - Oceanic Six, Pt. 1

The Oceanic 6 theme is heard as the survivors' rescue plane lands and they are reunited with their loved ones.

4.12 - Secondary Protocol

The freighter crew theme plays as Jack and co. discuss the situation and Faraday warns Charlotte.

4.12 - Sayid Arrives

The "Hollywood and Vines" rendition as Sayid returns to the beach with the zodiac raft.

4.12 - Mirrors and Rafts

This is heard during the sequence in which Ben "communicates" and Daniel takes the first group on the raft.

4.12 - Hurley's Numbers

The cursed numbers return when Hurley sees them in his restored Camaro.

4.12 - Arriving at the Freighter

This Sun & Jin/freighter themed track plays when Daniel and co. arrive on the raft.

4.12 - Frank at the Helicopter

A version of the freighter theme plays when Jack and Sawyer find Lapidus at the chopper.

4.12 - Bombs and Others

This track involves the discovery of the freighter bomb as well as Kate and Sayid's capture by the Others.

4.12 - Oceanic Six, Pt. 2

The Oceanic 6 theme plays during a montage in which we see the survivors in their respective situations.

May 08, 2008

4.11 - Cabin Fever

4.11 - Name Him John

The music playing as baby John is taken away and Emily tells them what to call him.

4.11 - The Helicopter Returns

The tense track that plays over the chopper's return and Keamy's confrontation with Michael.

4.11 - Horace's Message

The brooding version of Locke's theme that is heard during his dream sequence with Horace.

4.11 - Discover the Grave

This plays as Locke informs Hurley of the Dharma Initiative's demise.

4.11 - Richard Visits John

A new theme for Locke is heard during his meeting with Richard Alpert in the 1960s.

4.11 - The Captain's Warning

The freighter theme plays before an upbeat section when Sayid discusses a plan with Gault.

4.11 - Keamy's Device

This ominous track is heard when Lapidus and Michael see Keamy strapping on his dead man's device.

4.11 - Sayid Leaves

This track plays when Sayid leaves the freighter on the Zodiac, reintroducing the "Hollywood and Vines" theme.

4.11 - Mutiny on the Freighter

The action-packed track accompanies Keamy's preparations to return to the island and the captain's death.

4.11 - Helicopter Delivery

This suspensful track is heard when the chopper comes towards the beach and drops a package for the Losties.

4.11 - Jacob's Cabin

The music that plays during the sequence at Jacob's cabin which includes eerie variations of John's theme.

May 01, 2008

4.10 - Something Nice Back Home

4.10 - Miles's Discovery

An interesting twist on the freighter crew's theme plays as Miles discovers Rousseau and Karl's bodies.

4.10 - Jack's Operation

This melody is a variation on Jack's motif that is heard over the duration of his appendectomy.

April 24, 2008

4.09 - The Shape of Things to Come

4.09 - Recap

The intriguing recap music which is a variation of "Des Talks to Faraday".

4.09 - Doc Ray's Body

The ominous freighter theme plays as Doc Ray's body mysteriously washes up onshore.

4.09 - Into Action

Ben, Sawyer and Locke prepare for the oncoming assault of the freighter mercenaries.

4.09 - Sawyer Gets Claire

Sawyer bravely goes to rescue Claire from her destroyed house.

4.09 - Keamy Kills Alex

Ben's sad theme plays as he rejects his daughter's plea for help before watching her die.

4.09 - He Changed the Rules

A thumping variation on Ben's theme is heard as he goes off to summon Smokie.

March 20, 2008

4.08 - Meet Kevin Johnson

4.08 - I'm Here to Die

This is heard when Michael tells Sayid why he's on the freighter.

4.08 - Michael's Regret

This sad variation on Michael's theme eventuates into a tense piece of music as he goes and buys a gun.

4.08 - In or Out

The track that plays when Tom asks Michael to decide if he will carry out his mission or not.

4.08 - Michael's Bomb

The score heard as Michael takes the bomb into the freighter and prepares to detonate it.

4.08 - Unseen Attackers

This music plays as Alex and Danielle come under attack on their way to the Temple.

March 13, 2008

4.07 - Ji Yeon

4.07 - Recap

The 'Previously on Lost' recap track with three different pieces of music.

4.07 - On the Freighter

The freighter theme plays as Frank goes to give Sayid and Desmond some food.

4.07 - Jin Gets the Panda

This playful track is heard when Jin rushes to the toystore to buy a panda.

4.07 - Jin Loses the Panda

A continuation of "Jin Gets the Panda" as he loses the first one before going to buy another.

4.07 - Meeting the Captain

This starts with the freighter theme before picking up the pace as Regina jumps overboard, followed by the introduction of the captain.

4.07 - The Black Box

This brooding track plays as Captain Gault discusses the Flight 815 wreck and why they need to find Ben.

4.07 - Meet Kevin Johnson

The music that plays during the reveal of Michael, posing under the alias of "Kevin Johnson".

4.07 - Visiting Jin

Lost's emotion theme is heard as Sun and Hurley visit Jin's grave in a flashforward.

March 06, 2008

4.06 - The Other Woman

4.06 - Locke Sees the Tape

Chilling rendition of Locke's theme heard when Ben shows him the tape of Charles Widmore.

4.06 - Juliet Enters The Tempest

Strong version of the freighter crew's theme that plays when Juliet goes into The Tempest.

4.06 - Juliet Sees Goodwin's Body

A sad version of Juliet's theme that's heard when Ben shows her Goodwin's body and says she belongs to him.

4.06 - Jack Kisses Juliet

The music that plays during the kiss shared by Jack and Juliet.

4.06 - See You Guys at Dinner

Ben's theme is heard as he goes to his house in front of a surprised Hurley and Sawyer.

February 28, 2008

4.05 - The Constant

4.05 - Arrival at the Freighter

An epic version of the freighter theme plays as Sayid, Des and Frank arrive.

4.05 - Des Talks to Faraday

The interesting theme for Faraday accompanies his talk with Desmond on the satellite phone.
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfd6HpQwndo

4.05 - Dan's Journal

A continuation of "Des Talks to Faraday" which plays as he tells Desmond what to do when he finds Daniel in 1996.

4.05 - Eloise's Maze

The music that is heard when Daniel radiates his mouse before testing her in the maze.

4.05 - Minkowski Explains

This track plays as Minkowski tells Desmond about Penny's incoming calls.

4.05 - Desmond Calls Penny

Desmond's emotional theme plays as he calls Penelope on the phone.

February 21, 2008

4.04 - Eggtown

4.04 - Locke Makes Breakfast

Locke's theme plays as he prepares breakfast for Ben.

4.04 - Kate Gets Miles

A variation on Locke's theme and Kate's theme plays as she takes Miles to where Ben is being held.

4.04 - Miles Talks to Ben

The freighter crew theme plays as Miles discusses the situation with Ben.

4.04 - Contacting the Freighter

Another freighter theme plays as Charlotte makes contact with the ship.

4.04 - My Name is John Locke

Locke's theme is heard as he shoves a grenade in Miles' mouth before introducing himself.

4.04 - Kate Goes Home

Kate's theme plays as she returns home after her trial and sees her son.

February 14, 2008

4.03 - The Economist

4.03 - Sayid Meditates

The beginning of the episode when Sayid prays over Naomi's body. A sad version of his theme.

4.03 - Daniel's Experiment

The freighter crew theme plays as Daniel does a test on the island.

4.03 - Hurley in the Cupboard

Sayid and Kate hear noises before discovering Hurley locked in the cupboard.

4.03 - The Payload Arrives

Continuation of "Daniel's Experiment" as the payload finally reaches the island after 31 minutes.

4.03 - Ben's Secret Room

A dramatic score plays as Sayid explores Ben's hidden room before Kate yells for him.

4.03 - Elsa Shoots Sayid

A dark version of Sayid's theme is heard after he has been shot by Elsa.

4.03 - Leaving the Island

An epic version of Sayid's theme is heard as he leaves the island on the helicopter.

4.03 - Sayid's Boss

The surprising end is accompanied by a brooding score as Sayid meets with his employer.

February 07, 2008

4.02 - Confirmed Dead

4.02 - Not Our Primary Objective

The new theme introduced for the freighter crew, when we meet Mr. Faraday.
YouTube: http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=7TFSHLbFVEw

4.02 - Finding Miles

This music plays over the discovery of Miles in the cove and his distrust of Jack and Kate.

4.02 - Take Me To Her Body

The freighter theme plays as Miles questions the survivors about Naomi before demanding to see her.

4.02 - Desert Polar Bear

A variation on the crew's theme plays as Charlotte visits a dig site in the Tunisian desert.

4.02 - Tracking Charlotte

This is heard when Jack and co. try to find Charlotte in the jungle.

4.02 - Frank Sees the News

Crew theme plays as Lapidus watches the news of 815's discovery and rings the hotline.

4.02 - Frank Climbs the Hill

Same variation as "Frank Sees the News" but when we first see Lapidus on the island.

4.02 - Ben Shoots Charlotte

The intense track that accompanies Charlotte's shooting by Ben.

4.02 - Finding the Helicopter

The epic score playing when the survivors see the helicopter Frank landed.

4.02 - We're Here For Ben

Miles tells the survivors the real reason that the freighter crew have come to the island.

January 31, 2008

4.01 - The Beginning of the End

4.01 - Recap

The tense recap track for the season 4 premiere.

4.01 - Car Chase

The surprising start to season 4 with Hurley speeding around LA in his camaro.

4.01 - We're Really Going Home

This variation on the rescue theme (S1's "Parting Words") plays as the survivors discuss the situation.

4.01 - Ben's Favor

This is heard when Ben asks Rousseau to take Alex away.

4.01 - Hurley's Cannonball

A version of Hurley's emotional theme that plays when he talks about being free.

4.01 - Setting Off

The music heard as the beach crew arm themselves and head off.

4.01 - Reunion

The uplifting but sad track that plays when the survivors meet at the cockpit, and Hurley tells Claire about Charlie.

4.01 - Charlie Visits Hurley

This plays when Hurley is visited by "Charlie" at the mental institution.

May 23, 2007

3.22/23 - Through the Looking Glass

The entire score for this episode is available on the S3 soundtrack.

Part 1

3.22 - Jack on the Bridge

The dramatic score that plays during Jack's almost suicide attempt on the bridge before he witnesses a car crash.

3.22 - The Second Exodus

The Losties have a last minute talk between themselves before setting off on yet another mission.

3.22 - Radio Tower Trek

The variation on "Hollywood and Vines" that accompanies the Losties on their trek to the Radio Tower.

3.22 - The Beach Raid

The tense music that plays during the Others' raid on the beach camp and the aftermath.

3.22 - Walt Appears

This creepy version on Locke's theme plays when Walt visits him in the Dharma grave.

Part 2

3.23 - Confronting Ben

This is heard when the Losties encounter Ben on their way to the radio tower.

3.23 - Ben's Threat

The pulse-pounding track that is heard when Ben talks to Jack about Naomi and supposedly makes good on his threat.

3.23 - Charlie's Death

The first part is a reincarnation of season 2's "The Hunt", while the rest is classic Lost emotion theme with a Charlie twist.

3.23 - Radio Tower

This plays when Jack and co. reach the radio tower. Modified version of season 1's "Hollywood and Vines".

3.23 - Getting a Signal

This is heard when the Losties try to get a signal at the radio tower before Locke interrupts.

3.23 - Making Contact

The climactic score that plays as Jack makes contact with Naomi's ship, much to the dismay of Locke and Ben.

3.23 - Snake in the Mailbox

This track is heard throughout the shocking flashforward revelation scene which brings season 3 to a close.