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November 08, 2006

3.06 - I Do

3.06 - Eko's Burial

As the title says, including when Locke sees the message on Eko's "Jesus stick" as he hammers it into the ground.

3.06 - Kate & Sawyer (S3 soundtrack - "Romancing the Cage")

A wonderful version of Kate's theme plays as she and Sawyer consummate their relationship in the cages.

3.06 - I'm Ready

Just a cool little part of the Others/Ben's theme as the surgery is about to begin.

3.06 - Sawyer's Fate (S3 soundtrack - "Under the Knife")

The complete suspensful track that plays during the climax at the cages and the operating room.

November 01, 2006

3.05 - The Cost of Living

3.05 - We're Next (S3 soundtrack - "Leggo My Eko")

The sad variation on Eko's theme right after he has been mortally wounded by the smoke monster.