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April 24, 2008

4.09 - The Shape of Things to Come

4.09 - Recap

The intriguing recap music which is a variation of "Des Talks to Faraday".

4.09 - Doc Ray's Body

The ominous freighter theme plays as Doc Ray's body mysteriously washes up onshore.

4.09 - Into Action

Ben, Sawyer and Locke prepare for the oncoming assault of the freighter mercenaries.

4.09 - Sawyer Gets Claire

Sawyer bravely goes to rescue Claire from her destroyed house.

4.09 - Keamy Kills Alex

Ben's sad theme plays as he rejects his daughter's plea for help before watching her die.

4.09 - He Changed the Rules

A thumping variation on Ben's theme is heard as he goes off to summon Smokie.