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May 23, 2007

3.22/23 - Through the Looking Glass

The entire score for this episode is available on the S3 soundtrack.

Part 1

3.22 - Jack on the Bridge

The dramatic score that plays during Jack's almost suicide attempt on the bridge before he witnesses a car crash.

3.22 - The Second Exodus

The Losties have a last minute talk between themselves before setting off on yet another mission.

3.22 - Radio Tower Trek

The variation on "Hollywood and Vines" that accompanies the Losties on their trek to the Radio Tower.

3.22 - The Beach Raid

The tense music that plays during the Others' raid on the beach camp and the aftermath.

3.22 - Walt Appears

This creepy version on Locke's theme plays when Walt visits him in the Dharma grave.

Part 2

3.23 - Confronting Ben

This is heard when the Losties encounter Ben on their way to the radio tower.

3.23 - Ben's Threat

The pulse-pounding track that is heard when Ben talks to Jack about Naomi and supposedly makes good on his threat.

3.23 - Charlie's Death

The first part is a reincarnation of season 2's "The Hunt", while the rest is classic Lost emotion theme with a Charlie twist.

3.23 - Radio Tower

This plays when Jack and co. reach the radio tower. Modified version of season 1's "Hollywood and Vines".

3.23 - Getting a Signal

This is heard when the Losties try to get a signal at the radio tower before Locke interrupts.

3.23 - Making Contact

The climactic score that plays as Jack makes contact with Naomi's ship, much to the dismay of Locke and Ben.

3.23 - Snake in the Mailbox

This track is heard throughout the shocking flashforward revelation scene which brings season 3 to a close.

May 16, 2007

3.21 - Greatest Hits

3.21 - Desmond's Flashes

The suspensful music that plays during the "Previously on Lost" recap concerning Des's visions.

3.21 - Race to the Outrigger (S3 soundtrack - "Paddle Jumper")

Another fast-paced track that plays when Karl races to the canoe and sets off to warn the Losties.

3.21 - Jack's Plan (S3 soundtrack - "Paddle Jumper"/"She's Dynamite")

This is heard when Jack takes the Losties out to show them what he has in store for the Others.

3.21 - They Call It the Looking Glass (S3 soundtrack - "Charlie's Fate")

The track that plays when Juliet, Sayid and Jack discuss the situation regarding the signal and the radio tower.

3.21 - Here We Go Again

Everyone prepares for the events that lie ahead of them.

3.21 - Charlie's Greatest Hits (S3 soundtrack - "Greatest Hits")

Claire's score turns into Charlie's theme as we see his number 1 "greatest hit" and talk with Desmond on the outrigger.

3.21 - Charlie's Dive (S3 soundtrack - "Greatest Hits")

Charlie contemplates his fate before diving down to the Looking Glass station. An uplifting but tragic version of his theme.

May 09, 2007

3.20 - The Man Behind the Curtain

3.20 - Recap

The variation on Locke's theme that plays over the "Previously" recap.

3.20 - Ben Arrives

This is when we first see Ben arriving on the island as a young boy. A mix of the Island exploration theme with an Others twist.

3.20 - Locke Beats Up Mikhail

This track escalates to a stabbing version of Locke's theme as he shows Ben how serious he is.

3.20 - Off to See Jacob

Another variation on the island theme mixed with the Others theme as Ben and Locke head off.

3.20 - The Purge (S3 soundtrack - "Dharmacide")

A fan favorite (for those who appreciate the music), when Ben returns to the Barracks to find all the dead Dharma folk. Hauntingly mellow variation of Ben's theme.

3.20 - Ben Shoots Locke

The shocking end when Ben puts a bullet in Locke and leaves him for dead in the Dharma grave.

May 02, 2007

3.19 - The Brig

3.19 - Back to the Black Rock

The track that plays when Locke and Sawyer go into the old slaving ship.

3.19 - Locke's Journey

This is a twist on the early Locke theme as he goes off to take his father's body to Ben.

April 25, 2007

3.18 - D.O.C.

3.18 - Patchy Returns (S3 soundtrack - "Rushin' the Russian")

The return of our favourite one-eyed Other Mikhail as he is chased and given the beatdown by Jin.

April 18, 2007

3.17 - Catch-22

3.17 - Flashes Recap

Desmond's "flashes" theme that plays over the "Previously on Lost" recap.

3.17 - Helicopter

This track plays when Desmond, Jin, Charlie and Hurley see the helicopter crash, and its ejected passenger.

3.17 - Des Meets Penny

This is heard during Desmond's first meeting with Penelope in flashbacks, as well as the discovery of Naomi on the island. A variation on Des's theme.

April 11, 2007

3.16 - One of Us

3.16 - Juliet Arrives (S3 soundtrack - "Juliet is Lost")

Wonderful track that has the same island exploration theme as "Black Rock Trek" but this time much more grand, playing when Juliet first sees the island.

3.16 - Back to Camp (S3 soundtrack - "Beach Blanket Bonding")

The score that accompanies Jack and co.'s return to the beach camp along with Juliet.

3.16 - Claire Becomes Sick

This tense track plays when the implant in Claire activates making her sick.

3.16 - Juliet's Explanation

This tense track is heard during Juliet's talk with Jack and Kate about their pregnancy situation.

3.16 - Juliet at the Tree

This similar version of "Juliet's Discovery" plays when she goes to Ethan's old drop-off point for medicine.

3.16 - His Name Is Julian

A soft variation on the "Leaving Hydra Island" track which plays when Ben shows Juliet her sister and child.

3.16 - See You In A Week

Classic Lost music drifts into the climax of S2's "Bon Voyage, Traitor" as we see Juliet's true motives for joining the beach camp.

April 04, 2007

3.15 - Left Behind

3.15 - The Feast (S3 soundtrack - "Heart of Thawyer")

This track plays during the montage of Sawyer's great feast with the other survivors.

March 28, 2007

3.14 - Exposé

3.14 - Nikki Runs (S3 soundtrack - "Sweet Exposé")

The very beginning of the episode when Nikki runs through the jungle and buries something.

3.14 - Paralysed (S3 soundtrack - "Sweet Exposé")

A twisty version of Nikki/Paulo's theme intertwined with a variation of "Nikki Runs" as the two get what's coming to them.

3.14 - Buried Alive (S3 soundtrack - "Sweet Exposé")

The end of Exposé when Nikki and Paulo are accidentally buried alive.

March 21, 2007

3.13 - The Man From Tallahassee

3.13 - Recap

The variation on Locke's theme that plays over the "Previously on Lost" recap.

3.13 - John's Mission

This track plays when Alex takes Locke to the sub, where he sets about blowing it up.

3.13 - Locke and the Sub

This plays during Locke's return from the sub and its imminent destruction.

3.13 - Ben Shows Locke

This is heard when Ben shows John what came out of the "magic box". Chilling version of Locke's theme.

March 14, 2007

3.12 - Par Avion

3.12 - The Sonic Fence

This plays when the A-Team comes across the sonic fence surrounding the Barracks.

3.12 - Making a Bridge

This variation on Locke's theme plays as he and the gang make a tree bridge to get over the sonic fence.

3.12 - Claire's Message (S3 soundtrack - "Claire-a Culpa")

The score that plays through Claire's message to the arrival at the Barracks where Jack is playing football.

March 07, 2007

3.11 - Enter 77

3.11 - Recap (S3 soundtrack - "Eko of the Past")

This is the music from the "Previously on Lost" recap. It is the same music from Eko's dream sequence in The Cost of Living.

3.11 - Sawyer's Theme

This plays at the very beginning of the episode when he talks to Hurley.

3.11 - Mikhail Bakunin

The introduction of Mikhail Bakunin when we first visit The Flame station as he discusses his history. Includes some reverb dialogue.

3.11 - Showdown at The Flame

The music that plays during Kate and Sayid's exploration of The Flame hatch, Locke's discovery in the chess game, Kate's fight with Klugh and the confrontation with Mikhail outside.

February 28, 2007

3.10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

3.10 - Hurley Chases Vincent (S3 soundtrack - "Fetch Your Arm")

This playful version of Hurley's theme plays when he follows Vincent and comes across the Dharma van.

3.10 - Couples (S3 soundtrack - "Shambala")

This plays when Sawyer is looking around at all the happy couples after his excursion in the Dharma van (along with Jin, Charlie and Hurley).

February 21, 2007

3.09 - Stranger in a Strange Land

3.09 - Moving Jack

This plays when Jack is being moved from his cell inside the Hydra to an outside cage.

3.09 - Juliet's Trial

This is heard when Alex takes Jack to Juliet's trial where they confront Tom and Isabel.

3.09 - Leaving Hydra Island (S3 soundtrack - "Ocean's Apart")

This track infamously labelled as "melodramatic" is actually quite nice, playing at the end of Stranger/Strange Land when Jack and the Others go back to the main island.

February 14, 2007

3.08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes

3.08 - Flashes Recap

A great version of Des's flashes theme used in the "Previously on Lost" segment.

3.08 - Desmond's Theme (S3 soundtrack - "Distraught Desmond")

The score that accompanies Desmond's revelations concerning his flashes and Charlie's fate.

February 07, 2007

3.07 - Not in Portland

3.07 - Juliet's Sister (S3 soundtrack - "Teaser Time")

This is heard at the beginning of the episode when Juliet walks from the beach into her sister's room.

3.07 - Juliet's Discovery

This plays when Juliet walks to the Hydra surveillance room and sees Kate and Sawyer with Alex.