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May 23, 2007

3.22/23 - Through the Looking Glass

The entire score for this episode is available on the S3 soundtrack.

Part 1

3.22 - Jack on the Bridge

The dramatic score that plays during Jack's almost suicide attempt on the bridge before he witnesses a car crash.

3.22 - The Second Exodus

The Losties have a last minute talk between themselves before setting off on yet another mission.

3.22 - Radio Tower Trek

The variation on "Hollywood and Vines" that accompanies the Losties on their trek to the Radio Tower.

3.22 - The Beach Raid

The tense music that plays during the Others' raid on the beach camp and the aftermath.

3.22 - Walt Appears

This creepy version on Locke's theme plays when Walt visits him in the Dharma grave.

Part 2

3.23 - Confronting Ben

This is heard when the Losties encounter Ben on their way to the radio tower.

3.23 - Ben's Threat

The pulse-pounding track that is heard when Ben talks to Jack about Naomi and supposedly makes good on his threat.

3.23 - Charlie's Death

The first part is a reincarnation of season 2's "The Hunt", while the rest is classic Lost emotion theme with a Charlie twist.

3.23 - Radio Tower

This plays when Jack and co. reach the radio tower. Modified version of season 1's "Hollywood and Vines".

3.23 - Getting a Signal

This is heard when the Losties try to get a signal at the radio tower before Locke interrupts.

3.23 - Making Contact

The climactic score that plays as Jack makes contact with Naomi's ship, much to the dismay of Locke and Ben.

3.23 - Snake in the Mailbox

This track is heard throughout the shocking flashforward revelation scene which brings season 3 to a close.


Anonymous said...

cool site!

The Glass Eye said...

Excellent blog and excellent work, SilvaStorm! I've visited your lostpedia thread dozens of times :)

I've been listening to the S2 soundtrack non-stop all week in anticipation of Jan 31.

SilvaStorm said...

Thank you both!

Anonymous said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome site. Thanks for doing all of this. I wanted to go through the series and find the themes for each character, but it seems like you're already on your way there.

The theme that's in "Life and Death," on the season 1 soundtrack - I've always thought of this as being shared by the show and Jack. I considered it his primary theme, considering it plays for the first time (I think) in "White Rabbit." Since you've gone through the show's music in much more depth, what do you think?

SilvaStorm said...

^ Well I personally think that the Life and Death theme is Lost's primary emotion theme, as it accompanies most sad or emotional scenes (Claire with Aaron, Charlie dying, etc.) However I see where you are coming from. Jack's theme is heard prominently in the track "3.01 - Jack is Alone", and Michael Giacchino has said he plays a portion of it on the piano in episode 3.13 The Man From Tallahassee. I found his theme to be the most difficult of all the main characters to discover.

Thanks for the compliments! :o)

Anonymous said...

^ Thanks for the response. I agree - I didn't recognize his theme when I heard it from your site. It really is nice though. I think it's just a little too subdued to compete with Locke's theme.

SilvaStorm said...

It sure is. I can recognise other characters' themes much more easily.

Sagacious Penguin said...

The "Life and Death" theme was definitely a Jack theme in Season 1 (Cave-finding, etc.), even though it expanded to greater-purpose uses and now is used almost exclusively for those uses. Sort of like how "The Force" theme in Star Wars also functions as a Ben Kenobi theme in the original trilogy. Ben was the character embodiment of the force and its purposes, in the same way that Jack, as the hero doctor, was the character embodiment of the life/death cycle on the island.

The new Jack theme is exclusively Season 3, correct? The switch is interesting, but then no other character has gone through so great a change. (Hero/Doctor to the down and out has-been we see in FF.) I think the S3 Jack is very specifically a Solo-Jack theme, as in it's used thus far when he's alone and despondent (so far also connected with his leaving the island). I believe the first use of this theme is in episode 3.09 when he's alone on the beach in Thailand... I think. Then he's playing it on the piano when he thinks he's heading home and leaving the rest of the castaways. Then we hear it full force in TTLG when he has separated from the group and is fully despondent.

Quite a contrast to the use of the emotional life and death theme - also a sad theme, but one connected with a community of people (a befitting theme for a leader) rather than one for a solo, empty shell of a man (a leader who has abandoned his flock, denying, as Achera says "who he really is").

Sagacious Penguin said...

Oh, right - The first use of the S3 Jack theme is the end of Tale of Two Cities when Juliet "breaks" Jack. This theme isn't anywhere earlier, correct?

This makes sense since it's the birth of a Jack who is able to "let go" and remove himself from the decisions of life and death...

Related tangent: I LOVE the way the opening and closing of each season compliment each other.

S1: Plane Crash VS Then&Now Survivors Montage
S2: Hullo, Hatch! VS Goodbye, Hatch!
S3: Jack tastes "letting go" VS Jack "gone"

Hope S4's finale will have a similar bookend feel when compared to 4.01!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!:D

I have a request, Losties!:D
Yesterday I've bought the OST - Lost 3 Soundtracks, but I can't find the tracks of Charlie's death??
I've listened all the 2 cds, but nothing!! :(
Could you tell me where is that song in this double album??
That moment is amazing, that slow piano and archs...wonderful..I need of that song!!:)

Please help me, tell me the right title! Thanks a lot Losties! :)

See ya in another life, Brothà:D

SilvaStorm said...

Hi, the name of the song is "Looking Glass Half Full" on the second disc. The Charlie's death theme begins towards the middle. :)

Anonymous said...

cool!great work!

Anonymous said...

Any one there