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February 28, 2007

3.10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

3.10 - Hurley Chases Vincent (S3 soundtrack - "Fetch Your Arm")

This playful version of Hurley's theme plays when he follows Vincent and comes across the Dharma van.

3.10 - Couples (S3 soundtrack - "Shambala")

This plays when Sawyer is looking around at all the happy couples after his excursion in the Dharma van (along with Jin, Charlie and Hurley).

February 21, 2007

3.09 - Stranger in a Strange Land

3.09 - Moving Jack

This plays when Jack is being moved from his cell inside the Hydra to an outside cage.

3.09 - Juliet's Trial

This is heard when Alex takes Jack to Juliet's trial where they confront Tom and Isabel.

3.09 - Leaving Hydra Island (S3 soundtrack - "Ocean's Apart")

This track infamously labelled as "melodramatic" is actually quite nice, playing at the end of Stranger/Strange Land when Jack and the Others go back to the main island.

February 14, 2007

3.08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes

3.08 - Flashes Recap

A great version of Des's flashes theme used in the "Previously on Lost" segment.

3.08 - Desmond's Theme (S3 soundtrack - "Distraught Desmond")

The score that accompanies Desmond's revelations concerning his flashes and Charlie's fate.

February 07, 2007

3.07 - Not in Portland

3.07 - Juliet's Sister (S3 soundtrack - "Teaser Time")

This is heard at the beginning of the episode when Juliet walks from the beach into her sister's room.

3.07 - Juliet's Discovery

This plays when Juliet walks to the Hydra surveillance room and sees Kate and Sawyer with Alex.