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October 25, 2006

3.04 - Every Man For Himself

3.04 - We Have A Situation

This track plays during the return of the Others scout team with a severely injured Colleen.

3.04 - Sawyer's Trip

This is heard during Sawyer's trip with Ben to see that they are not on the main island.

3.04 - Ben Talks To Sawyer

This plays as Ben discusses Sawyer's situation with Kate after he shows him the main island.

October 18, 2006

3.03 - Further Instructions

3.03 - Locke's Mission

This track plays during Locke's return to camp after the hatch implosion and his mission to "speak to the island".

3.03 - Locke's Vision (S3 soundtrack - "The Island")

A variation on "Locke's Mission", this trippy track plays during Locke's freaky sweat lodge vision.

October 11, 2006

3.02 - The Glass Ballerina

3.02 - The Pala Ferry

The quirky tune that plays when Sun, Jin, and Sayid come across the Pala Ferry dock on the sailboat.

3.02 - Sawyer Kisses Kate

This musical piece accompanies Sawyer's kiss with Kate and fight with the Others before being tasered.

October 04, 2006

3.01 - A Tale of Two Cities

3.01 - The Crash (S3 soundtrack - "In With a KABOOM!")

The great musical number playing in the background during 815's crash and the pivotal moment when we finally see the Barracks.

3.01 - Kate's Dress

This is heard when Kate looks at herself in the mirror after putting on the dress she is given.

3.01 - Breakfast With Ben

This plays during Kate's talk with Ben over breakfast on the beach.

3.01 - Jack Follows Christian

This plays as Jack follows his dad to the AA meeting at the hotel.

3.01 - Jack's Escape Attempt

This suspensful track plays as Jack holds Juliet hostage and tries to open the Hydra door.

3.01 - Jack is Alone

This version of Jack's theme plays across his final flashback and talk with Juliet as he learns to "let go".