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May 23, 2007

3.22/23 - Through the Looking Glass

The entire score for this episode is available on the S3 soundtrack.

Part 1

3.22 - Jack on the Bridge

The dramatic score that plays during Jack's almost suicide attempt on the bridge before he witnesses a car crash.

3.22 - The Second Exodus

The Losties have a last minute talk between themselves before setting off on yet another mission.

3.22 - Radio Tower Trek

The variation on "Hollywood and Vines" that accompanies the Losties on their trek to the Radio Tower.

3.22 - The Beach Raid

The tense music that plays during the Others' raid on the beach camp and the aftermath.

3.22 - Walt Appears

This creepy version on Locke's theme plays when Walt visits him in the Dharma grave.

Part 2

3.23 - Confronting Ben

This is heard when the Losties encounter Ben on their way to the radio tower.

3.23 - Ben's Threat

The pulse-pounding track that is heard when Ben talks to Jack about Naomi and supposedly makes good on his threat.

3.23 - Charlie's Death

The first part is a reincarnation of season 2's "The Hunt", while the rest is classic Lost emotion theme with a Charlie twist.

3.23 - Radio Tower

This plays when Jack and co. reach the radio tower. Modified version of season 1's "Hollywood and Vines".

3.23 - Getting a Signal

This is heard when the Losties try to get a signal at the radio tower before Locke interrupts.

3.23 - Making Contact

The climactic score that plays as Jack makes contact with Naomi's ship, much to the dismay of Locke and Ben.

3.23 - Snake in the Mailbox

This track is heard throughout the shocking flashforward revelation scene which brings season 3 to a close.

May 16, 2007

3.21 - Greatest Hits

3.21 - Desmond's Flashes

The suspensful music that plays during the "Previously on Lost" recap concerning Des's visions.

3.21 - Race to the Outrigger (S3 soundtrack - "Paddle Jumper")

Another fast-paced track that plays when Karl races to the canoe and sets off to warn the Losties.

3.21 - Jack's Plan (S3 soundtrack - "Paddle Jumper"/"She's Dynamite")

This is heard when Jack takes the Losties out to show them what he has in store for the Others.

3.21 - They Call It the Looking Glass (S3 soundtrack - "Charlie's Fate")

The track that plays when Juliet, Sayid and Jack discuss the situation regarding the signal and the radio tower.

3.21 - Here We Go Again

Everyone prepares for the events that lie ahead of them.

3.21 - Charlie's Greatest Hits (S3 soundtrack - "Greatest Hits")

Claire's score turns into Charlie's theme as we see his number 1 "greatest hit" and talk with Desmond on the outrigger.

3.21 - Charlie's Dive (S3 soundtrack - "Greatest Hits")

Charlie contemplates his fate before diving down to the Looking Glass station. An uplifting but tragic version of his theme.

May 09, 2007

3.20 - The Man Behind the Curtain

3.20 - Recap

The variation on Locke's theme that plays over the "Previously" recap.

3.20 - Ben Arrives

This is when we first see Ben arriving on the island as a young boy. A mix of the Island exploration theme with an Others twist.

3.20 - Locke Beats Up Mikhail

This track escalates to a stabbing version of Locke's theme as he shows Ben how serious he is.

3.20 - Off to See Jacob

Another variation on the island theme mixed with the Others theme as Ben and Locke head off.

3.20 - The Purge (S3 soundtrack - "Dharmacide")

A fan favorite (for those who appreciate the music), when Ben returns to the Barracks to find all the dead Dharma folk. Hauntingly mellow variation of Ben's theme.

3.20 - Ben Shoots Locke

The shocking end when Ben puts a bullet in Locke and leaves him for dead in the Dharma grave.

May 02, 2007

3.19 - The Brig

3.19 - Back to the Black Rock

The track that plays when Locke and Sawyer go into the old slaving ship.

3.19 - Locke's Journey

This is a twist on the early Locke theme as he goes off to take his father's body to Ben.