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March 28, 2007

3.14 - Exposé

3.14 - Nikki Runs (S3 soundtrack - "Sweet Exposé")

The very beginning of the episode when Nikki runs through the jungle and buries something.

3.14 - Paralysed (S3 soundtrack - "Sweet Exposé")

A twisty version of Nikki/Paulo's theme intertwined with a variation of "Nikki Runs" as the two get what's coming to them.

3.14 - Buried Alive (S3 soundtrack - "Sweet Exposé")

The end of Exposé when Nikki and Paulo are accidentally buried alive.

March 21, 2007

3.13 - The Man From Tallahassee

3.13 - Recap

The variation on Locke's theme that plays over the "Previously on Lost" recap.

3.13 - John's Mission

This track plays when Alex takes Locke to the sub, where he sets about blowing it up.

3.13 - Locke and the Sub

This plays during Locke's return from the sub and its imminent destruction.

3.13 - Ben Shows Locke

This is heard when Ben shows John what came out of the "magic box". Chilling version of Locke's theme.

March 14, 2007

3.12 - Par Avion

3.12 - The Sonic Fence

This plays when the A-Team comes across the sonic fence surrounding the Barracks.

3.12 - Making a Bridge

This variation on Locke's theme plays as he and the gang make a tree bridge to get over the sonic fence.

3.12 - Claire's Message (S3 soundtrack - "Claire-a Culpa")

The score that plays through Claire's message to the arrival at the Barracks where Jack is playing football.

March 07, 2007

3.11 - Enter 77

3.11 - Recap (S3 soundtrack - "Eko of the Past")

This is the music from the "Previously on Lost" recap. It is the same music from Eko's dream sequence in The Cost of Living.

3.11 - Sawyer's Theme

This plays at the very beginning of the episode when he talks to Hurley.

3.11 - Mikhail Bakunin

The introduction of Mikhail Bakunin when we first visit The Flame station as he discusses his history. Includes some reverb dialogue.

3.11 - Showdown at The Flame

The music that plays during Kate and Sayid's exploration of The Flame hatch, Locke's discovery in the chess game, Kate's fight with Klugh and the confrontation with Mikhail outside.