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May 29, 2008

4.13/14 - There's No Place Like Home, Pt. 2-3

Part 2

4.13 - Jack Finds John

This plays when Jack and Sawyer come across Locke and Hurley outside the Orchid.

4.13 - Battle at the Chopper

The Others ambush the freighter mercenaries and Keamy fights Sayid in this suspensful track.

4.13 - Walt Visits Hurley

Walt's theme plays as he visits Hugo in the mental hospital.

4.13 - Jack Talks to Locke

John and Jack discuss leaving the island before Ben arrives to take Locke into the Orchid.

4.13 - Faraday Returns

"Hollywood & Vines" is heard as Daniel returns on the raft to collect more survivors.

4.13 - Helicopter Reunion

Classic Lost score plays as Hurley and co. arrive at the chopper before it takes off.

4.13 - Faraday and Charlotte

This is heard when Charlotte tells Dan she's not leaving, and he goes to help the survivors.

4.13 - Chopper Fuel Leak

This tense track plays as the survivors try to get rid of as much weight as possible after discovering a leak.

Part 3

4.14 - Fate of the Freighter

The score that accompanies the entire sequence surrounding the freighter's demise.

4.14 - Welcome Home, John

Ben apologizes to Locke, and he leaves to fulfill his destiny as leader of the Others.

4.14 - The Frozen Donkey Wheel

An intriguing and emotional version of Ben's theme that is heard when he turns the Orchid's frozen wheel.

4.14 - It's Penny's Boat

The music that plays during Jack's discussion with the survivors and their discovery by Penelope's boat.

4.14 - Oceanic Six's Rescue

This rendition of the Oceanic Six theme plays as they leave Penny's boat and arrive on a Sumba beach.

4.14 - Jeremy Bentham's Coffin

The climactic music that is heard during the reveal of Locke's body in the coffin at the end of the episode.


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting long for this. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting long for this. THANK YOU!

pure.Wasted said...
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pure.Wasted said...

Thanks for the music as always! The Oceanic 6 montage theme from TNPLH p.1 is one of my favorite musical moments in Lost to date. And I really love the epic Lost/epic Freighter themes that play out in pt.2/3's "Fate of the Freighter." Did I call it blowing us away at the end of the season, or what? ;D

I've got a semi-related question, but wasn't sure how to contact you otherwise, so here goes:

I've got some music I'd like to rip out from a different TV show (Battlestar Galactica season 4 - no soundtrack for another few months) and was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing what software you use for this (unless it's a secret).

You can reach me at pure.Wasted@gmail.com. Thanks greatly in advance.

Losteech said...

Thank you very much, mate!
I hope you'll do the same for the next, fifth season of Lost.