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May 08, 2008

4.11 - Cabin Fever

4.11 - Name Him John

The music playing as baby John is taken away and Emily tells them what to call him.

4.11 - The Helicopter Returns

The tense track that plays over the chopper's return and Keamy's confrontation with Michael.

4.11 - Horace's Message

The brooding version of Locke's theme that is heard during his dream sequence with Horace.

4.11 - Discover the Grave

This plays as Locke informs Hurley of the Dharma Initiative's demise.

4.11 - Richard Visits John

A new theme for Locke is heard during his meeting with Richard Alpert in the 1960s.

4.11 - The Captain's Warning

The freighter theme plays before an upbeat section when Sayid discusses a plan with Gault.

4.11 - Keamy's Device

This ominous track is heard when Lapidus and Michael see Keamy strapping on his dead man's device.

4.11 - Sayid Leaves

This track plays when Sayid leaves the freighter on the Zodiac, reintroducing the "Hollywood and Vines" theme.

4.11 - Mutiny on the Freighter

The action-packed track accompanies Keamy's preparations to return to the island and the captain's death.

4.11 - Helicopter Delivery

This suspensful track is heard when the chopper comes towards the beach and drops a package for the Losties.

4.11 - Jacob's Cabin

The music that plays during the sequence at Jacob's cabin which includes eerie variations of John's theme.


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