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March 13, 2008

4.07 - Ji Yeon

4.07 - Recap

The 'Previously on Lost' recap track with three different pieces of music.

4.07 - On the Freighter

The freighter theme plays as Frank goes to give Sayid and Desmond some food.

4.07 - Jin Gets the Panda

This playful track is heard when Jin rushes to the toystore to buy a panda.

4.07 - Jin Loses the Panda

A continuation of "Jin Gets the Panda" as he loses the first one before going to buy another.

4.07 - Meeting the Captain

This starts with the freighter theme before picking up the pace as Regina jumps overboard, followed by the introduction of the captain.

4.07 - The Black Box

This brooding track plays as Captain Gault discusses the Flight 815 wreck and why they need to find Ben.

4.07 - Meet Kevin Johnson

The music that plays during the reveal of Michael, posing under the alias of "Kevin Johnson".

4.07 - Visiting Jin

Lost's emotion theme is heard as Sun and Hurley visit Jin's grave in a flashforward.


Anonymous said...

I love the music during that recap - taking the Dharma theme and applying a circus motif to it. I wonder if it ties into Minkowski flashing to a caroussel, and if that's going to be a scene for the future?