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February 07, 2008

4.02 - Confirmed Dead

4.02 - Not Our Primary Objective

The new theme introduced for the freighter crew, when we meet Mr. Faraday.
YouTube: http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=7TFSHLbFVEw

4.02 - Finding Miles

This music plays over the discovery of Miles in the cove and his distrust of Jack and Kate.

4.02 - Take Me To Her Body

The freighter theme plays as Miles questions the survivors about Naomi before demanding to see her.

4.02 - Desert Polar Bear

A variation on the crew's theme plays as Charlotte visits a dig site in the Tunisian desert.

4.02 - Tracking Charlotte

This is heard when Jack and co. try to find Charlotte in the jungle.

4.02 - Frank Sees the News

Crew theme plays as Lapidus watches the news of 815's discovery and rings the hotline.

4.02 - Frank Climbs the Hill

Same variation as "Frank Sees the News" but when we first see Lapidus on the island.

4.02 - Ben Shoots Charlotte

The intense track that accompanies Charlotte's shooting by Ben.

4.02 - Finding the Helicopter

The epic score playing when the survivors see the helicopter Frank landed.

4.02 - We're Here For Ben

Miles tells the survivors the real reason that the freighter crew have come to the island.


Sagacious Penguin said...

The freighter crew seem to have two distinct themes going for them... You mention a crew/freighter theme 5 times, but the first two of these tracks feature a very driving beat influxed with staccato strings, while the latter 3 have more of a mysterious, possibly noble, possibly ominous slower melody.

It's interesting that the first two are for Daniel and Miles while the latter three are Charlotte and Frank. I wonder if these themes are for all the freighter people, or if it breaks down into the Daniel/Miles theme and Charlotte/Frank theme... And, if so, what this means for the plot...

Does anyone with a more musical ear than mine notice a same theme in all 5 of these tracks?

SilvaStorm said...

Yes, I was entirely not sure how to label them, although there are definitely two themes for the freighter crew as you said.

The theme in "Daniel Faraday", "Take Me to Her Body" and "Tracking Charlotte" is the same, while the theme in "Desert Polar Bear" is just slightly varied in the two "Frank" tracks.
As of now, I am not too sure whether or not the tracks are for individuals or the group as a whole, so only time will tell.

Andry said...

Can you put the music track when is Ben to explain why the freighter crew have come to the island? Thanks.