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February 28, 2008

4.05 - The Constant

4.05 - Arrival at the Freighter

An epic version of the freighter theme plays as Sayid, Des and Frank arrive.

4.05 - Des Talks to Faraday

The interesting theme for Faraday accompanies his talk with Desmond on the satellite phone.
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfd6HpQwndo

4.05 - Dan's Journal

A continuation of "Des Talks to Faraday" which plays as he tells Desmond what to do when he finds Daniel in 1996.

4.05 - Eloise's Maze

The music that is heard when Daniel radiates his mouse before testing her in the maze.

4.05 - Minkowski Explains

This track plays as Minkowski tells Desmond about Penny's incoming calls.

4.05 - Desmond Calls Penny

Desmond's emotional theme plays as he calls Penelope on the phone.


pure.Wasted said...

Hi! First of all thanks for this great website, stumbled across it when looking for the "freighter" theme (I think you can guess which one).

Anyway I noticed there was a mini-debate regarding how to classify the two drastically different freighter-related themes, and I think I might have a solution.

I believe the Daniel/Miles theme is the one that is linked specifically to the freighter's crew, whereas the Charlotte/Frank/Helicopter one is linked to the freighter itself... if not the entire season. I have every expectation of it blowing us away in an even more epic version in the s4 finale. I love it already, which is why I was looking for it!

Thanks again for the website.

SilvaStorm said...

Yes, that seems about right. Good job on figuring it out.